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This is the first page of Easter pictures.

A place setting.

The table.

The table with food.

All of us - Grandpa, Tracey, Debbie, Dad, Jeremy, Mom, Julie, Larell, me, Kirsey, April, Casey, Kristy, Tuggy, Lorna, Arthur.


More dessert.

Julie, Kristy, Tuggy, Arthur, Lorna and Tracy's back.

Larell and Dad.

Tracy, Dad, Julie with Missy, Lorna and Grandpa.

Larell, Jeremy and Mom.

Dad and Missy with Julie.

Tracy, Grandpa, Dad with Missy, Julie, Debbie and Tuggy.


Larell and I.


Tuggy, Grandpa, and Dad.

Grandpa and Larell.

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