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Yes, that's right.  Grits and grits and grits.  A Southern wedding wouldn't be complete without them!  Here we have grits 'n' ham, cheese grits 'n' sausage, plus some vegetable grits 'n' surprise seafood.  Ya'll dig on in!

Sushi was at the other end of the table, same wedding.

Make a note, the world revolves around Helena.  This is my new favorite shirt, I got it at Target.

Whoa!  I actually have over 50 pairs now, but the rack will only hold 48.  I am going to build a new rack this week.

I made a crust from scratch!  That improvised rolling pin is the rod from my paper towel holder covered in saran wrap.

Then I made pumpkin pie filling from scratch too!

Why, you're right.  It is superior to all other pumpkin pies on Earth.  Must be because I made it.  Ha!

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