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Here we all are with our shoes.  You'll notice that the bridesmaids are dressed to the same hoochie level that I am.

This is the Mead Garden Amphitheater, where the ceremony occurred.  I really liked the venue, and in early May all the flowers were in bloom so it was really pretty.  Boy, I just can't get enough of how great I am.  Look, there's me!  I'm so great.

I finally rebuilt Frankenputer.  Now the wireless card works with the tower standing up AND with the cover on!  Wow.  I AM great!

Duce is the Complaint Department Manager for The Scanning Company.  He used to sit on the half-door and when people came to complain, he listened.  Duce isn't really a man of action, however.  He didn't think the complaints were valid enough to warrant action.  Duce thinks I'm great too.

I'm so great, I should go out an by myself something new.  Ooohhhhh.... a new pair of Superstars to add to my collection.  This pair is #33, and makes a fine addition to the "Fade" subset of my collection.

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