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Lion-o goes with me to get some gas before we start the trip to Augusta.

We stop by the house, pick up Travel-bo, Bubb and Larell and we are off!  The kids hang out on the dash.

Even though the hotel is in a questionable neighborhood, the rooms are clean and nice.  The travelers make themselves comfortable on the bed.

We all go to dinner at TGIF, where I belly up to some nachos and other bad food choices.  Yay!  Going on vacation means pulling the rip cord.

The children hang out on the table.

Driving six hours makes everyone tired, even though the only one driving was me.

For the ride home Lion-o, Travel-bo and Bubb sit in the glove box.  The sun on the dash was too hot for them to stand.

When I come home from a hard week of work in Orlando, the children are all happy to see me!  It's nice to come home.

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