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I guess they thought maybe the wall would fall down or something. so they braced it up.  Great.

This is the building that was behind the Quizno's.  People come out and sit on the balcony sometimes.

This is the view we get of the street now.  It is great to watch people walk around.

The AmSouth Bank building is where we used to be, on the 20th floor.  Of course, back then we were just the copy room for ASW&M.  Now we are The Scanning Company.

Self explanatory.

Back there is I-4, and that is the parking deck we used to use before we got moved to another one 2 blocks away.  Yay.

That is a roof top bar/club called Latitudes.  On New Years they drop a ball up there.

This is the construction on the Jaymont property.

It is my office.

These are my groovy 1982 chairs.  I used to have matching black chairs, but when I went away someone stole them and left me these.  Blah.

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