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It's Blubb and Bubb.  Blubb likes to drink beers, burp, fart and watch the game.  He thinks a woman's place is in the kitchen. Bubb speaks in Morse Code - he sounds like a guitar string and jumps around all the time like a bean.   ".... . .-.. .-.. --- -- -.-- -. .- -- . .. ... -... ..- ..- -..."  He says "Hello my name is Bubb"

Ah yes, all the shoes.  I have to build another shoe rack to hold the stuff that got displaced by my Adidas.

It's dinner.  Those green beans were raw, and I cooked them in the microwave!  I'm the Champ!

This car goes Putt, Putt not Zoom, Zoom  It sucks.

This is the home gym we got Larell for Christmas - a heavy bag w/ speed bag and stand, a Power Tower that has pull up bar, dip bars and a roman chair, the weight bench with leg attachment and preacher's bench, a 45lb Olympic bar with 300lbs of weight, a curl bar and a whole bunch of dumbbells with stand.  He uses it almost every night.  Those are my spray painted trash cans in the back that the home owner's association threatened to fine us about if we didn't move them inside.  Blah.

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