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Ah yes.... Wreckage.  This picture was taken in front of the Barrigada house.


It's Princess, the Jeep.  You can see the Manger in the background.  This is the house we live at now.

Larell and me in 2003 before the wedding.

I had my hair done a couple of weeks before the wedding to make sure it was possible.  I still had my eyebrow ring then.

The wedding party - Crystal, Suzie, April, me, Kirsey, Larell, Jester, Joe, Marco and Pharaoh.

Me and Mom hiked the Grand Canyon in August.  It was pretty cool.

We made it all the way in to Phantom Ranch and back out in one day.

Larell graduated from NSI in Rhode Island, so we all went for the festivities.

This was taken at Thanksgiving last year. It is the first time the entire family has been together in over 10 years.

Mom at Marine Corps B-Day ball this year.  Nice Medals!

Dad at the ball. He is wearing miniatures.

Dad's first building, where ASWM is and TSC too.  In the pic is me, April, Dad and Grandpa.

Cameron, Raul and the Mayor breaking ground on the Premiere Trade Plaza.

Casey, April, me and the Mayor at the groundbreaking/

Mom's 4 dogs, Missy at the bottom, Blue behind her, Angel up one level and Max on top.

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