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Oh  yes, it's a disease.  I have 31 pairs, and that isn't counting the ones that got too dirty to wear and were trashed.

Oohhhh.... It's a Bright Block by Becca.  Nice.

The Children:  Mr. Jazz-e-phant, P-Bear (Paddington), Francine and Jumbo-laya (Jumbo for short) with Kraken in front.

More animals, there is Churro the sheep from Serta, Target dog, Geoffrey giraffe, Shelly the Armadillo and much more.

That sound you hear is the death cries of my power supply.  Time for another rebuild I guess.  The wireless card won't work unless the cover is off and the machine is laying on it's side.  Whatever.

A ticket taker at Superbowl XXXIX,  Wow!

 It's a good thing it says "Ticket Taker" real big on my back.  I wouldn't want anyone to mistake me for another Superbowl job - such as "Trash Picker" or "Porta-Potty Maintenance".

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