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Travel-bo is disgusted with the state of the restrooms in this KFC.  He refuses to get back in the car and is demanding a bath.

Travel-bo screeches a string of expletives in an unknown language.  Then he jumped off the gas pump in protest.

Travel-bo enjoys the view from the balcony at the Grove Park Inn, his digs for the vacation.

It appears Travel-bo has some experience tending bar.  He spends some time talking shop with the bartender.

Travel-bo warms his cheeks by the 6' high fireplace in the lobby of the Grove Park Inn.

No one likes traffic, especially Travel-bo.  He made several complaints during the wait to get up to the Biltmore.

Travel-bo poses in front of Biltmore house.

Compliance with the rules is important.  Travel-bo makes sure we all conform.

Travel-bo has a snack at the Biltmore after the 3 hour tour.

After a hard day of sightseeing, a trip to the Biltmore Winery with free wine tasting is just what Travel-bo needs to relax.

Travel-bo samples some warm apple cider.  Yum!

Travel-bo looks like a pimp in his new ride.

Travel-bo says that anything more than a wineglass is a waste.

The overpriced spa at the Grove Park Inn was too rich for my blood, but Travel-bo partook of the services available.

Travel-bo has a Mudslide on the rocks.

Travel-bo decides on the Chef's suggestion of lamb.  Don't forget dessert!

Getting ready for the wedding included picking out the right shade of make up.  Travel-bo offered up several suggestion, none of which were in English.

Kirsey and Travel-bo hang out at the salon.

Travel-bo rests on the table.  Being on vacation is hard work.

Travel-bo likes food.  He gets down on the pecan crusted crab cake appetizer at April's wedding.

Travel-bo samples everything at the buffet.  Yum!

Oh, Travel-bo!  It's a WINEGLASS, not a champagne flute!  Get out of there, here comes the lady with the non-alcoholic sparking grape juice.

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